DUALDUO simply expresses, referred to the dualism of Platonic philosophy, the contrapposition between of corporal realities (the musician, the executor and the instrument) and the world of the ideas (the sound and musical masterpiece)…

       We express the real pleasure of playing toghther, and both pleasure in the ideas and the particularity of the other.

The formative course and the cultural differences are richness if in a competition. From the difference can born a new syntesis, a new course which in our case has got the fortune of having things in common.

… Who listens decides, that this are right for us…..

Maria Giovanna Siciliano Iengo



... artistic and professional and different courses extraction, represent a richness in the cameristic formation. Our, is a duo with a vivid dialectic, so, singular sensibilities enter constantly in this case, with a reciproc attention.  

But, are the common areas that give force to the Duo and that giustifie the peculiarity of musical project…

Mauro Caturano